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My Girlfriend and I

Benjamin Pickett: Twenty four year old husband and follower of Jesus Christ, living in the Indianapolis area, who desires the discovery and acknowledgement of truth in our world.  I grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area and went to college at Cedarville University in Ohio, graduating with a degree in Political Science/History.  I spent the next year or so traveling around the world, sharing the truth of the Gospel and loving people of all tribes, nations, and tongues.  I came back to the blessed USA different than when I left; less of an American and yet more of an African, an Asian, a European, a South American.  As I met and had fellowship with other cultures, learning to relate and to love them, the world became smaller and my worldview grew exponentially.  I learned to care for Africa not simply because of its expansive poverty but because of their heart and uniqueness. I learned to care for poor around the world because I saw the realities they lived in every day.  Not necessarily extreme hungry or desperate need, but that of a lack of opportunity.  There was no lack of ingenuity, desire, or even resources, but rather social, cultural, and governmental systems in place that restrict opportunity and freedom.  All of which I can attribute to the misunderstanding or deception, of the truth.

Through the experiences and struggles of growing and being molded by God, I transitioned into a marital covenant with my now absolutely amazing wife, Stephanie Pickett, as well as into my current career at my father-in-laws security access company, Oak Security Group, LLC.  I work to make Oak the best company it can be, read and write to challenge and inspire, while growing as a man, husband, and child of the King, Jesus Christ.

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