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We Have an Obligation that is an Awesome Opportunity!

October 25, 2015

A huge part of my race, both in the sense of the work I had to do for it as well as growth for me in seeing God provide, was the financial support raising.  It was something I was reluctant to do in the beginning but by the end was so encouraged when I saw God provide all my funds as well as when I saw him provide the funds for other racers.

Giving to support missions internationally is an awesome opportunity we have to help spread the news of Christ around the world.  But it is far more than an opportunity, it truly is something we as Christians have an obligation, or should have if we are truly followers of Christ, to give or to go.  To always be furthering the mission and kingdom of Christ.

What I am here to promote, is not a world race missions trip but rather a friend who is going to be a missionary with Athletes in Action in South Africa.  Grant Rost, is a good buddy of mine from Cedarville University and I have loved to see him grow over the years in maturity and his faith, to the point of now having a strong desire and conviction to serve the Lord for 1 year, and possibly more, overseas!

Grant has a monthly goal of $3,000 and a one-time goal of $9,000, and he is currently about 20% behind where he should be to be fully supported to leave in January of next year.  He has a deadline of November 1st to reach 80%.

Lets come together as the Church and truly be the hands and feet, providing for those willing to go!

Anyone who has gone on the World Race or been a friend of family of someone who has gone, knows the change that occurs given the opportunity to be overseas and serving the Lord.  You know its power, both for the individual serving and those being served.  I ask that you remember that and consider getting to know Grant a little, through a message or simple phone call in the purpose of supporting him financially!  Or, you simply just do support him regardless! Because he is doing the work of the Lord!

Here is a small message Grant personally wrote for you all:

“”My name is Grant Rost and I am a child of the one true God. I have been blessed beyond belief by my Lord and Savior and owe Him my everything. I have been with Athletes In Action for a year and a half now and have loved every experience it has allowed me to be a part of. AIA is an branch of Cru that focuses on athletes by using the world wide language of sport as a platform to share the Gospel. Lord willing, I will doing just that in the city of Cape Town, South Africa next year! I am so excited about this opportunity to experience God’s beautiful creation and share his love with a people so thirsty for truth and love. I would love to offer this opportunity to you as an amazing way to give back to Lord and see Him work in the lives of young people as we look to make disciples.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have!  Call or text at 330-314-5465 or email me at grant.rost@athletesinaction.org.

“For this is what the Lord has commanded us: “ ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’ Acts 13:47″“”

This is only a small personalized statement from him but he has a much larger story that I am sure he would LOVE to send you, along with more information.  I have taken the liberty to include some of that information in the larger letter focused on the giving.

  • Giving can be done completely online at www.give.cru.org , then searching for my name “Grant Rost” under the “Search Staff and Ministries” tab. From there the step by step instructions will lay out all the different options.
  • Giving one time or monthly by check is also an option. Checks can be mailed to Cru 100 Lake Hart Drive #2400 Orlando, FL 32832. The check is to be made out to Cru or Athletes In Action with a note attached with my name and the #0862030.
  • Giving by direct deposit is also an option and that can be set up online or by a filling out a mail-in card that I will send you upon request. Giving by check can also be set up with the mail-in card.

I urge you to not let this opportunity to support the work of the Lord simply pass by!  

I pray that the Holy Spirit would overcome any hesitation to give in support of Grant being used by the Lord to share his love, for all we have has been given to us by the Lord so it is only fitting we cheerfully and gladly give it back to Him!

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