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Relying on the Names of God

September 10, 2015

In America, people, namely myself for a good portion of my life claimed a trust in the God of the Bible.  I believed in a God that created the heavens, earth, and everything in them by simply speaking them into existence.  I also believed that He loved me so much that He made the only sacrifice that could allow me to know him as God and Father; He sent his only son, Jesus Christ to earth to suffer and be tempted as every human does and die after living a perfect life without sin, in order to wash all my sin away.

Yet, in every aspect of my life I relied upon myself.  The trust I claimed was only affecting my perspective concerning the *after death* aspects of my soul.  In my every day affairs, I trusted in my abilities and what I viewed as only my responsibilities.

While on paper or in theory I would agree that God provides and sustains us, practically I would not live accordingly.  In my mind, it was all on me.  Our nation’s culture constantly reinforces that everything is on the individual.  If you don’t have, then you do something.  

If you … then do…

Yes, as Christians we do have civil and personal responsibilities that are absolutely biblical, but in our culture of materialism I absolutely believe the constant emphasis on doing and responsibility has become an idol.  God has become small and pointed in Americans minds.  

Having traveled literally around the world for a year and spent ample time studying the Bible, I am completely convinced of our God, being the only God, the maker of the heavens and the earth. You are all thinking, “Yes, yes he is” and that thought passes through your head instantly.  It doesn’t stick.  

In the Bible, our God, YAHWEH, the “I AM,” is THEE creator of the heavens and earth!  Our God, Elohim, meaning “First, or Strong and Mighty One.”  Our God, El Elyon, meaning “God most high.”  

These names God used to describe Himself to us in the Bible were the truths that allowed for people throughout all of history to trust completely in God.  To be reliant upon Him to sustain, provide, protect, sanctify, and save them!  They believed that God loved them! They understood everything was made by God, for God. Everything.  

They wrote songs and poems to God praising and exalting Him, declaring their reliance upon Him in everything.  Their finances, their health, their occupation, “in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6”  

Why?  Because thee God that they are bringing everything to and relying upon, created the heavens and the earth!  He is the only God (YAHWEH), the God Most High (El Elyon), with none higher and none more powerful.  

As Christians, our daily life should reflect this.  The most important thing is to live to share the good news of the gospel and bring people to God to save their soul.  We should live in a way that reflects the love God has shown us.  

Nothing should motivate us more than that our God is the reason for everything, and that He loves us.

I think I’ve suggested this before, but please check out Ken Hemphill’s book, The Names of God.  There are other books written about the biblical names of God and the relevance and power they will have if you take them seriously.  My view of thee only God, Yahweh, has been broadened and strengthened immensely by his work.

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  1. Excellent thoughts, Ben. Welcome home. Aubrey’s out there still. I want to meet up with you to talk about it one day soon.

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