Shallow Ocean and Deep Pool

Deeper Than the Shallow End of the Pool

November 2, 2014

Starting my own personal blog is something I honestly never really thought I would do.  Then I applied for and got accepted into Adventures in Missions, World Race program where we were provided our own blog for the race.  Blogging has become something I have enjoyed because I know I am able to inform friends, family, and supporters of where I am, what I have been doing, and where my spiritual walk with the Lord is without having to send out tons of personal emails and whatnot.  So because I am faced with trying to write to a broad range of people, I have a hard time finding the balance of diving deep into issues of my heart and mind, and focusing on the more shallow places I’ve been and events I have experienced.  Trying to figure out how academic or not so academic to write is another pitfall to only having one blog catering to a larger group.

This is why I have chosen to start another blog.  It will last far past the World Race, Lord willing, and will allow me to focus on the more academic/deeper issues of my heart and mind that I desire to write on.  Who knows, maybe no one will follow my writing but it will allow me to continue the research and writing that made up a large part of my college experience.  Having a blog will motivate me to continue writing and honing my writing skills as well as my mind, regardless of whether or not people read.

So.. here goes nothing.  I’ll try not to bore you.

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